Wednesday May 08, 2013

✦ Three More Chapters of Test iOS Apps With UI Automation Released!

Beta 2.0 of my book, Test iOS Apps with UI Automation is now out. I’ve added not one, but three new chapters for you to enjoy! Here’s the highlights:

  • Chapter 7 focuses on how to use UI Automation in a performance testing workflow, bouncing back and forth between your Objective-C code and Instruments while trying recreate the steps that provoke a memory leak.

  • Chapter 8 introduces some nifty techniques to make sure your iOS application starts in a ready state for your tests. You’ll learn how to control UI Automation through environment variables, set up a Core Data stack for different scenarios, and hide this test setup code from your release build.

  • Chapter 9 explores how you can stub out external services that your app depends on so your tests execute the same way every time…internet or not.

Thanks so much for your patience as my editor, Brian, and I get these next chapters out. There are only two more chapters to go before the book is entirely in your hands. Then I’ll just need to see what I have to update after WWDC 2013!