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  • MVC, MVVM, FRP, And Building Bridges   Tuesday, October 22
    Lots of good discussion about functional reactive programming and view models in iOS these days. This post is a bridge for those who are curious to know more.

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  • Changes to UI Automation in iOS 5   Wednesday, November 30
    A quick summary of the new features and bug fixes in UI Automation since iOS 5 was introduced. Skip the tutorial rewrites and read this if you've already been through them.

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  • UI Automation: An Introduction   Friday, May 27
    The beginning of a series focusing on UI Automation, Apple's official user interface testing tool.
  • Life After Objective-C   Wednesday, May 11
    Objective-C is growing old. I bet MacRuby is the worthy successor.
  • Google vs. Apple vs. Privacy   Friday, May 06
    Apple and Google both know a lot about you. But their sources of revenue affect how they view your privacy.
  • Book (P)review: iOS Recipes   Thursday, May 05
    A great book to get you into the mind of advanced Cocoa developers.

April 2011

  • On Abstracting Server APIs   Sunday, April 17
    Map it to your domain model!
  • Kiwi Library   Monday, April 04
    An introductory tutorial for Kiwi, an Rspec or Jasmine like testing framework for Objective-C.
  • Cocoa Manifest   Friday, April 01
    *tap* *tap* Is this thing on?