Tuesday April 12, 2011

Demo Your iPhone App In A Browser

Whoa. This is slick. Imagine having a url you can give out to test your iPhone app right in a browser. Pieceable Viewer lets you upload your application bundle and it runs on an iPhone simulator somewhere out there on the internets. The viewer is a Flash plugin showing the simulator screen and sending back clicks and drags to control the app.

They have tiered pricing, where you are limited by the number of simultaneous users or number of apps online and ready to view. Don’t expect to just put this up front and center on your product webpage. This is more geared for presentations, prototypes or press events.

The sexy part: you don’t need to use up a UDID in your Apple Dev account. The app binary doesn’t need to be signed with a provisioning profile since it’s running in a simulator. It’s apps like this one and testflightapp.com that make iOS development a breeze.