Thursday March 15, 2012

MacRuby, Xib file outlets, and Xcode 4.3

Special thanks to “lldong” for tracking down how to use MacRuby with Xcode 4.3 delivered through the App Store.

For those not in the know, MacRuby has a special hook that lets the interface builder nib editor know about outlets in MacRuby class files. With Xcode now being delivered through the app store and installed in /Applications/ instead of /Developer, the MacRuby hook broke. These instructions help you set it back up, but be warned. It’s not a long term fix. It involves altering the package which invalidates the code signing. Everything works okay for the moment, it doesn’t look like Xcode checks itself. But this is obviously a temporary bandaid unless a new hook mechanism is built by the MacRuby core team.