Sunday July 08, 2012

If Objective-C and Python Had a Baby

Just stumbled on this fascinating experiment to take the power of LLVM and build a new syntax that is binary and header file compatible with Objective-C. Eero is a project by Andreas Arvanitis that tries to simplify the syntax of Objective-C by using Python style indentation and adding a few extra features that compile down to common Objective-C idioms. He’s working on an Xcode plugin for syntax highliting and autocompletion support.

I don’t know how extensible Xcode is in this post Xcode 4/App Store bundle world, but I’m keeping an eye on this one. If nothing else, it’s a beautiful example of what you can do with the flexibility of LLVM and might be a hint toward the kinds of modifications Apple could make to Objective-C to clean it up. They’ve already been moving in this kind of direction.