Thursday July 12, 2012

Simperium Sync Services Announces Pricing and Open Source Strategy

Simperium, the company behind the stellar Simplenote suite of apps, just announced their pricing structure for their syncing service. The free plan lets you have 2,500 active monthly users. Looks like a great deal.

If you recall, Simperium offers a Core Data interface to their syncing layer, basically replicating the promises of iCloud but with a proven infrastructure and great support behind it. I’ve been seriously considering this as an option in place of iCloud Core Data.

The best part: Simperium is planning to open source their protocol and a server reference implementation so you can take the whole thing in house if you want. A great strategy. They make money running the service so you don’t have to think about it, but if you do want to think about it, grab the source and go.