Tuesday April 02, 2013

A Secure Incremental Store For Core Data

I had the honor to speak at the first RubyMotion #inspect conference on Core Data—quite a challenge to put together for a room full of people who are not too excited about Objective-C. The presentation was a success and the video recording should be up on the web soon.

I demonstrated a RubyMotion app with a custom persistent store written in Objective-C to show off how flexible the Core Data stack can be and a lot of people came up to me afterward asking about custom stores that do encryption.

Well, today I stumbled upon stoeger it’s secure incremental store that promises full encryption of data at rest in a SQLite database. It looks like it’s not a fully complete incremental store, yet, but they’ve got a roadmap that looks quite promising. This is the first commercial custom Core Data persistent store that I’m aware of. I hope they succeed and that it paves the way for other options.