Friday April 12, 2013

Run UI Automation Tests in the Cloud with cisimple

cisimple, a continuous integration service that builds your app whenever you push up changes, just announced their new features to support UI Automation testing. Point it at your repo, tell it what test scripts to run, and it will run them in Instruments against whatever simulator device families you choose whenever you push changes. They’ll capture and notify you of any failures and even record a video of the test run so you can try to figure out what went wrong.

I’ve had a chance to talk to the team and try out the service, and I’m quite impressed. It’s easy to use but don’t let the simplicity fool you. They are taking enterprise applications seriously, too, and you can talk to them more about their security and privacy protocols if you need to. If you’ve been trying to get your UI Automation tests into a CI process, this product is definitely worth a look.