Tuesday May 14, 2013

TICoreDataSync Hits 1.0.2

The TICoreDataSync library hit 1.0.2 yesterday with stability and performance improvements, data compression, and a big documentation update.

I first noticed TICoreDataSync last year and have been keeping an eye on it in a personal way. It’s a cloud syncing framework built by the team at No Thirst Software and extracted from their flagship app, Moneywell. At the time I was looking for a native personal finance app that my family could use to stay in sync so I decided to try it out. I’m quite impressed with how it syncs over Dropbox. I’ve experimented a bit trying to confuse the clients with conflicting edits, but it catches up and keeps chugging along just fine.

The fact that you have the source code in front of you and that it syncs through different services (with iCloud support in the works) makes it a pretty compelling resource if you need to replicate the contents of a Core Data document across iOS/OS X devices.