Tuesday July 09, 2013

Core Data for the Curious Rubyist. Or, Look Ma', I Spoke In Belgium!

I’m quite proud of my talk on Core Data for the Curious Rubyist that I gave earlier this year. It was an honor to speak at the first RubyMotion conference ever and visit with my friends over in Europe. Sharing the ins and outs of Core Data to a room full of Rubyists was one of the greatest highlights and challenges of my speaking opportunities. I only had half an hour but I managed to go into what sets Core Data apart, how to avoid using it wrong, and how custom incremental stores work. In Ruby, no less.

It foreshadows my NSIncrementalStore talk I’ll be giving this fall starting at CocoaConf Portland. If you liked what I teased at the end of this video, you’ll love what I’m coming up with next. :)