Sunday June 08, 2014

New O'Reilly Videos For iOS (with Yours Truly)

If you’ve ever wanted to peek over the shoulders of Josh Smith and me to watch how we build iOS applications, check out these brand new videos published by O’Reilly. We cover a range of stuff from the paper prototyping phase to how we approach building transitional animations, debugging, testing, and more.

We are quite proud of how these videos turned out. We had a chance to be among the first batch of O’Reilly’s new video content initiative. Josh has even gone on by himself to do a video on Core Data and security (should be out soon). It’s been an honor and a lot of fun to work with the O’Reilly team. They have a professional video crew that did all the dirty work with lighting, framing, and editing. We just brought the content.

If you’re interested in doing videos of your own content with O’Reilly then get in touch with Amy Jollymore. They are looking for new authors.