Wednesday August 03, 2011

Amazon App Store Woes

One of the devs at Shifty Jelly shares his gripes about the Amazon Android app store. Amazon featured their app for free and didn’t pay them a dime—despite the publicly stated terms that they pay developers when featured as a “Free App of The Day”.

What makes us mad though is the public perception that Amazon pays developers to be featured. Every single person we asked on Twitter or via email thought they were helping developers out, and getting a free application. Amazon does nothing to dispel these rumours, in fact they put really restrictive clauses at the bottom of their emails, saying that no one is even allowed to discuss these back door deals they are doing.

To be fair, Apple had (still has) its own issues with its app store, but they’ve smoothed out a lot. Even with all the approval process mess, they’ve built trust when it comes to the financial side. You set the price, they take a consistent cut. Clean and simple.

If only taxes were like that.

(via Marco Arment)