Monday February 18, 2013

"Good Ideas Are Contagious"

Mattt Thompson of NSHipster on the release of ReactiveCocoa:

Good ideas are contagious. ReactiveCocoa is a reminder that good ideas can come from unlikely places, and that a fresh perspective can make all of the difference with familiar problems.

I couldn’t agree more. This is a great introduction to the framework in Mattt’s fun and eclectic style. ReactiveCocoa, by Justin Spahr-Summers and Josh Abernathy of Github, is a slick library for functional reactive programming in Objective-C. I’m excited to see what this breeds next.

If the whole functional reactive thing is freaking you out, remember that there was a time when we implemented object oriented programming with void * pointers and structs. A time when setters and getters didn’t use dot notation. A time when we implemented block callbacks with function pointers. C is a crazy flexible platform. Apple isn’t the only one exploiting the crazy.

Side note: Justin also built the marvelously crazy libextobjc I linked to a while back.