Monday February 11, 2013

PaintCode 1.3 Converts PSDs to Core Graphics Code. Seriously.

Last year I stumbled upon PaintCode and it rocked my world. Drawing vector shapes and generating Core Graphics C code saves a tremendous amount of time. Vector drawings always scale without aliasing so there’s no need for separate assets in different resolutions. Want to make a visual tweak? Rather than monkeying in your code and recompiling to see the effect, manipulate it visually in your original PaintCode file and generate the new code. It’s become a critical workflow for me.

Well, the latest release just got better. It now lets you use raster image files for shape fills. Trying to pull that off manually after generating the code was a pain, so this is a much welcome relief. But even better than that, it will import Photoshop PSD files and do it’s best to convert vectors and unrendered layer styles into Core Graphics calls, while converting any raster layers into image file pieces automatically. I’ve tried it out on several non-trivial PSDs lying around and I’m very, very impressed. Very. Impressed.

The PSD import is an extra in app purchase. That’s a good thing. Throw money at these guys. They make the good stuff.